Hello everyone, my name is Adam Steeves and I am freelance video editor from Houston, Texas. Currently I live in the L.A, because that’s where the work is. Over the years I’ve moved around quite a lot, and music is a tool I used and still use to find new people and make friends. I listen to many different music genres and many different musicians. Rock however is my favorite, and Priestess is one of my favorite bands which is why I started this website.

I’ve fallen in love with the band back in high school actually, when a friend of mine let me use his iPod. From that point on, I’ve been listening their songs, on again, off again, for pretty the much entire time. There are a couple of music mixes that I’ve setup on iTunes where songs from Priestess are included, so it’s not like I listen to them exclusively. I’m not some crazy fan, I swear, :). What I would like to achieve with this website is to keep the memory of this band alive, since the type of music that they made is hard to find these days.

So in short, PriesstessBand.com is a website mad by a Priestess fan for Priestess fans. I hope that you will be able to find some useful info. I’m also planning on setting up a petition to get the band back together again. It might be a long shot, but I’d like to show the band that there are still fans out there who want to see them jam once again. Use the contact page if you’d like to get in touch and make a contribution to the website. Fans are always welcome.