Priestess tour revival is a initiative that is currently fully backed by me, and my friend Gavin, who initially introduced me to the band. Idea for this gag came to us when we heard one of those contests for choosing where Taylor Swifts next concert is going to be. People could make location suggestions and vote to have Taylor Swift come to their town. Well we're not fans of Taylor Swift, but what we are is fans of Priestess. We also aren't looking for a location where the next concert is going to be, if only we were doing that, what we're rather doing is having a petition to have our band join together once again for one last tour of the Americas.

Best way to do that that we've come up with is to create a petition that fans can fill out, so here it is. By signing this petition you show your support for the band. Hopefully band members will come across this website and see what kind of overwhelming support they still have among their fans and they might reconsider their hiatus status. That's it for now.

Priestess tour revival

Sign this petition in order to get the Priestess band members know that their fans are still interested in seeing the band back together.

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